Welcome to Year 6

The Year 6 team is comprised of: Miss Quadri, Mrs Clarke, Mrs Iqbal, Mrs Kaosar and Mrs Ahmed. 

Year 6 Team

Miss Quadri

Miss Quadri

Teacher 6Q

Mrs R. Iqbal

Mrs R. Iqbal

Teaching Assistant 6Q

Mrs R. Kaosar

Mrs R. Kaosar

Teaching Assistant 6Q

Year 6 is a wonderfully exciting year for our children as they enter their final year with us at Bradley and we want them to be ready to leave us as independent, ambitious learners who have a love of learning.  In order to best support them, we would love your help on this journey.  All children have a small amount of daily homework and ensuring they have a quiet space to do this will really help them.  Each day your child will have reading, spellings and IXL (online maths tasks) to complete.  This should take no more than about 30 minutes and will help to prepare them for their SATs and secondary education.  We are also happy to speak to you about concerns or questions you may have - please speak to us before or after school, or alternatively make an appointment via the office.

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Year 6 Overview

Year 6 Visit to Nelson Library

It is important that children are aware of all the opportunities available to them.  Going to Nelson Library was a chance for children to see the fantastic resource they have available to them in their local area.  They were shown how to become members and the things on offer.

On Tuesday 3rd October, Year 6 visited Nelson library.  First we listened to the librarian (Benny) tell us a story; it was action packed! He swung his sword and put on wigs to really bring the story to life.  Then we did a treasure hunt; it was lots of fun!  We found characters around the library and put them together to unscramble an acronym.  Finally, it was time to say good bye but we really enjoyed our time there. (Sana, 6Q)

Some of the children enjoyed using the props to then put on their own re-enactment of the story Benny shared.


Year 6 Visit to Salts Mill

We have been learning all about David Hockney and his contribution to the world of art.  We visited Salts Mill, in Saltaire, where there is an exhibition of his work; it was incredible to see his work so close up in real life.  Year 6 spent the day strolling the galleries and sketching things that we were inspired by.  We would recommend everyone to pay a visit!  (Muhammed Eessa, 6Q)


Year 6 Visit to Manchester MOSI

Science learning should be explorative and investigative and this is exactly what our visit to Manchester’s Museum of Science and Industry was.  We took part in workshops, where we worked in teams to solve unique, real-life problems and learned all about how innovative Manchester really is.  We also had the opportunity to explore the various zones in the museum and interact with the displays.  (Inaayah, 6C)

Children were given practical problems to solve - they had to show teamwork, resilience and perseverance.  It was a fantastic opportunity for them to consider effective communication and thinking outside the box!


The Experiment Gallery was full of experiences for the children to enjoy.