Welcome to Year 3!

Our Year 3 teachers are Mrs Johnson (3J) and Mrs Bowie (3B). The teaching assistants are Miss Singleton (3B), Miss Asghar (3J) and Mrs Williams.


Your child will receive maths and English homework each week. Homework will be handed out on Thursdays and will be due back in on the following Wednesday. It would be beneficial if you could discuss your child’s homework with them. To be able to complete their homework your child will need a pencil, black pen, ruler, rubber and either pencil crayons or felt tip pens. We would also like your child to practise for 10 minutes on Numbots and Times Table Rockstars each week.


We would like your child to read frequently at home and discuss what they have read with an adult.  Please fill in your child’s reading record with them each time they read and make sure they bring it to school each day. The book will be changed each Tuesday. Your child also has access to Bug Club.  This website allows children to read a range of books and answer questions about what they have, or simply read for pleasure.   It's a wonderful resource and we are very keen for the children to use it frequently.        

Year 3 Important Information


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PE – wear your PE kit to school

Autumn 1 

This term our English work was focussed around the book 'Journey' by Aaron Becker. This book is beautifully illustrated and really caught our imagination. We enjoyed lots of exciting role play tasks linked to the book and created some wonderful flying machines of our own.


This term our English work was focussed around 'A Bear Called Paddington' by Michael Bond. We have all LOVED reading this book and comparing it to some clips from the film. We created our own adventures stories with Paddington as the main. They really made us laugh because he is constantly getting into trouble!  We also got to try marmalade for the first time.  The majority of us loved it!

Spring 1

This term we have read 101 Dalmatians by Dodie Smith. We have really enjoyed learning lots of new vocabulary and trying to use our new vocabulary in our writing. We have looked at words such as canine, obedient, chauffer and exquisite. We have written some wonderful diary entries from the point of view of Pongo.  

World Book Day 2023

We celebrated World Book Day 2023 by coming to school in our pyjamas. We enjoyed reading our favourite books and had gave each other reviews.

Spring 2

This half term we designed and wrote information leaflets about fictional places in the UK.  We used The Big Book of the UK to inspire our writing.

Summer 1

The Enchanted Wood has been one of our focus books this half term.  We have loved reading about the exciting lands at the top of The Magic Faraway Tree!  We then created our own chapter for the book.  It was wonderful to read everyone’s chapters – the characters went on some amazing adventures!

We have been focussing on developing our understanding of place value and using the 4 operations in maths. We use lots of different resources and strategies to support our understanding.


We have loved the practical aspects pf fractions this year. We know that a fraction is part of a whole and we can use lots of new fraction vocabulary including numerator, denominator, unit fraction and non-unit fraction. 


So far we have learnt about right angles, horizontal and vertical lines as well as parallel and perpendicular lines.  We are using actions and colours to help us remember which is which!  It was really fun trying to find examples of all of these in our classroom and around school. 

In geography we have learnt about volcanoes and earthquakes. We have used our map skills to locate volcanoes and The Ring of Fire. We acted out a volcano eruption to help us to understand what happens. We have learnt lots of new vocabulary including erupt and magma. 


Our first history topic was The Stone Age to Iron Age. We learnt lots of interesting facts focusing on how people lived during these times. We also learnt lots of new vocabulary such chronology, Neolithic, Mesolithic and Palaeolithic.

We have been using glockenspiels in every unit so far this year. We are becoming much more confident when playing the instruments and we enjoyed performing in front of an audience. We have had lots of different audiences this year including Mrs Taylor, Alyette the school cook, Mrs Dowell our music leader and our parents and carers. Each performance has helped us to develop our confidence and performing skills. 


We all enjoyed our MMA taster session.  It was really informative, lots fun and very energetic!

Celebration of Our Learning (Spring 1)

We invited our families into school to watch us perform Three Little Birds by Bob Marley. We sang in front of the whole school with confidence and lots of expression! Then, our parents were invited to our classrooms to look at the fantastic moving books we had made in DT and we shared our art sketch books too. It was wonderful to have so many our grown-ups in school! 

World Book Day

We had a wonderful time celebrating world book day.  We had a reading café, learnt a song about World Book Day, created a character and developed a spoken story based on this character. Our characters were sharks and we learnt how to draw them from a tutorial with Rob Biddulph. We then drew these characters in a story wheel and sat with our friends to tell them our stories. There really were some wonderful illustrations and story wheels created!

Burnley Youth Theatre

Both classes visited Burnley Youth Theatre to meet face to face with their linking class. 3J met the children and staff from Euxton Primary School in April and 3B met the children and staff from Brookside Primary School in May. The day was spent getting to know our new friends and playing lots of fun games together. We also took part in some interesting drama activities that allowed us the opportunity to investigate our similarities and differences.  We can’t wait for our new friends to visit us in school.

School Linking Day – Brookside Primary

Our friends from Brookside came to spend the day with us in school.  The aim of this day was to continue to get to know people and learn to work collaboratively with others.  We continued to focus on our similarities and differences.  Our friends from Brookside enjoyed their day here and they loved playing on our outdoor gym equipment.  At the end of the day both schools performed a poem called Together by Matt Goodfellow.  Mrs Taylor watched our performance and was amazed at how well we did in just one day!

Edward Foster Art

Last week, Edward Foster came to visit Year 3. Edward is a self-taught artist from the Forest of Bowland in Lancashire. He works from his studio and the majority of his artwork is inspired by nature. Edward taught us many skills and techniques. We learned how to draw toucans, hummingbirds, badgers and leaves. We had a fantastic day and produced some wonderful pieces of art.


We love being scientists in Year 3!  So far this year, we have learnt about light, humans and animals, rocks, forces and magnets and plants.  We have had lots of practical sessions including going into our school garden and making models of how our muscles work.  One of our favourite lessons was using the dark tent in our classroom so we could really experience the difference between dark and light.