Each year group offers a homework club to it's pupils. In this club, children can complete their homework with some support from the staff. They have access to resources to help them such as maths equipment and internet access. It's a great place to get a head start with completing your homework!

Homework Club Quotes

Take a look at what some of our children say about homework club.

'Homework Club is very good because you can do your homework early and you don’t have to do it at home.'

'I like Homework Club because it makes me better at Maths.'

'Homework Club is much better because your family might not understand the homework  but your teacher will.  Also, the best thing is that you have the whole weekend free.'

'I like homework club because there are teachers there to help us.'

'I like homework club because you can read books and i like reading books.'

'It's fun and exciting.'

'Less work to finish at home, more time to play!'

'I love doing my homework and like to learn more.'