Welcome to Maths at Bradley

At Bradley we have an inclusive curriculum so that all of our children have a chance to achieve and enjoy maths. We review our curriculum frequently and make sure that children's learning is built upon each year. Children are frequently given opportunity to make connections between their maths learning and real life examples and take part in lots of practical learning opportunities to make better sense of the world around them. 

All children at Bradley Primary School have access to a range of online maths platforms. This allows the children to consolidate their in class learning at home. Please speak to your child's class teacher if you require a new copy of the log in details. Use the links above to reach the websites.

At Bradley Primary School, our math lessons include lots of practical activities.  We use many different resources across school to help us develop our mathematical understanding. 

Mrs Bowie and Mrs Richards had the wonderful task of sitting down with some children from each class in school and discussing maths.  We talked about the resources that are used in classrooms, how we move on in our learning if something is tricky and how we feel about maths in school.  All of the children painted a really positive picture of maths at our school!  They also made some excellent suggestions of how maths could move forward in our school.  Mrs Bowie and Mrs Richards are working hard to put these suggestions in place and they will update everyone next half term about these. 

Here are some of the responses from the children: 

‘I really like doing Flashback 4 because it helps me to remember the work we’ve done before.’ 

‘Could we have a maths fair?’ 

‘Counters are my favourite resource to use.’ 

‘I’d like a maths council in school, like the school council, but just for maths.’ 

‘I am proud of my work on fractions because I struggled at the start, but now I get it!’ 

‘Maths lessons make me happy.  I love maths!’ 

‘I like it when we do maths outside.’ 

Autumn Term 

Mr Smith and Mr Conner ran an afterschool club for year 4 & 5.  The children used the time to complete challenges on TTRockstars and develop their multiplication and division recall. 

Spring Term 

In year 3,  Mrs Williams is running a times table club after school.  At the club they spend lots of time playing games and creating resources to help the children to learn their tables. 

Mr Smith and Mr Conner have continued to run the TTRockstars club for year 4.

On Friday 4th February all of KS2 took part in the NSPCC ROCKS day. 

Maths Ambassadors!  We will be launching maths ambassadors during the summer term.  We are currently on the lookout for keen mathematicians from Year 4 and Year 5 to work with Mrs Richards and Mrs Bowie on whole school maths events.  More details to be announced soon!