Geography is a subject that encourages investigation, building understanding and skills. Our students will explore and appreciate a range of places, cultures, and environments, from local to global. We aim to spark their interest in the earth's processes and diverse aspects of human life. Through enquiry and fieldwork, they will also become aware of global issues and how their actions can make a difference in our ever-changing world. 


At Bradley Primary School, it is our aim to provide a geography curriculum that motivates children to become fascinated with the world and environment. Children will develop a love for the subject by engaging in exciting lessons and meaningful fieldwork. Rather than learning facts, children should gain the perception of place and understand their place in the world. The importance of protecting the world around us is emphasised throughout the geography curriculum. Children will see more of the world through Geographical Glimpses and engage in rich discussion with their peers on images, videos and live videos of physical and human features around the world.


Teachers create a positive attitude to geography learning within their classrooms and reinforce an expectation that all pupils are capable of achieving high standards in the subject. Our whole school approach to the teaching and learning of geography involves the following;

  • Bradley Curriculum documents provide a broad but comprehensive experience of primary geography that systematically covers the objectives of the National Curriculum for England
  • Enriching and meaningful fieldwork activities that support and enhance the learning of geography
  • Using imagery for children to discuss during Geographic Glimpses time in each lesson
  • Using technology as a class and individually to support learning and as a key part of it
  • Explicit links between the local area and experiences that children already have to further develop their understanding of the wider world
  • Use of technical vocabulary by teachers and children alike during discussions


Our geography curriculum will develop children’s global citizenship through quality first teaching. The topics that children will study throughout their journey at Bradley Primary School will give them an understanding of the world around them and how they can impact change. They will also gain valuable geography skills through their learning in the classroom and fieldwork outside school.