Design and Technology at Bradley Primary School

Design and Technology is creativity with a purpose, and it's as important in a varied curriculum as it is in industry. We want to inspire the future Engineers, Designers and Scientists, by teaching students to find innovative solutions to a myriad of every day real world problems.. 

DT helps cultivate skills such as creativity and problem-solving using the cyclical process of Design, Make and Evaluate. It encourages children to think critically by equipping them with the tools to bring their ideas to life and allows them to work collaboratively with one another. This sharing of ideas and innovation leads to a wide variety of potential solutions to a problem, which makes it really exciting. 

It also gives children a safe space to experiment, and experience failure along with success which is important in building resilience and perseverance.. We always remind the children that James Dyson  took no less than 5,127 different tweaks and modifications before his vacuum cleaner was a success and he's now the countries 3rd richest man. 


DT Policy 2023-24

DT Long Term Plan 2023-24 v2