Computers are now part of everyday life. For most of us, technology is  essential to our lives, at home and at work. Studying computing provides every child with the opportunity to learn how to use technology to enhance their knowledge and provide them with the tools necessary to use technology safety, effectively and confidently. Computing in the workplace is becoming more and more popular and necessary making computing a vital part of children’s education. The key principles behind the design of our computing curriculum are for our children to:

  • Be knowledgeable about how computers and networks work.
  • Use computing safely and know what to do in case something upsets them or doesn’t seem right.
  • Gain and enhance skills and knowledge as they transition through school.
  • Be confident, independent, resilient and be keen to learn.
  • Be well prepared for the challenges they face in computing when leaving for secondary school.

Ultimately, we want the children at Bradley primary school to be the best they can be when using computing and leave school with an excellent understanding of how computers work and are used in the workplace.

At Bradley Primary School we equip children with the necessary skills, knowledge, understanding and resilience to thrive in the ever-changing world of technology. Our children will become confident and independent users of technology, as this will play an important part in our children’s lives. We will model and guide children to use technology in a positive and safe manner, so that they are responsible, successful, citizens of the future.

At Bradley Primary School, we believe that developing a love for learning in Computing is crucial and we do this, by inspiring curiosity and providing children with the essential skills and knowledge to build upon and prepare them for the next stage, this in turn:

  • Supports the learner’s understanding of the ever-increasing use of technology, preparing them for a future of possibilities.
  • Provides them with the skills to think critically, justify and reason their own judgements using logical reasoning and evidence, allowing them to question, debate and discuss information, not just accept what they are told.
  • Develops the understanding that technology is constantly evolving and preparing them with the skills of how to cope with situations online that they may not have been faced with before.
  • Allow learners to understand the diversity of the world and the people in it, thus allowing them to understand more about their own online identity.
  • Prepares children to be lifelong learners, who are responsible, competent, confident and creative users of technology.
  • Develops the skills and attitudes required to allow children to fully participate in and contribute to life in modern Britain.

In EYFS we learn how to use a mouse, keyboard, switch the computers on, shut them down safely and stay safe.


Using a Mouse

Using a Keyboard

Bradley Primary School is proud to have a Digital Leader in each class from year 4 up to year 6. The role of the Digital Leader is to take care of and monitor computing equipment in their class.

Once a week the Digital Leaders and Mr Smith meet to discuss problems with computing equipment, test new equipment and install new equipment. Being a Digital Leader brings many responsibilities and greatly enhances the children's skills and confidence.

Here are our Digital Leaders:

Luca - Year 6

Musa  - Year 6

Zarsh - Year 5

Hassan - Year 5

Yaseen - Year 4

Amelia - Year 4