This year the eco council have split into two smaller groups.  Mrs Bowie leads the KS2 group and Miss Fisher leads the KS1 group.  We are aiming to maintain our green award status as an eco-school and build on the work we have done in previous years.  We are very proud to be an eco-school and all of our eco councillors are committed to making our school more eco-friendly and having a positive impact on the world we live in. 

What has happened in the Autumn Term?

  • Each class voted for their representative.
  • The eco councillors met with Mrs Bowie or Miss Fisher to complete an eco-review of our school.
  • The key stage two eco councillors met to discuss our eco-review and decide which 3 areas they wanted to focus on.
  • They decided on:

What is happening in the Spring Term?

  • The KS2 eco councillors have written the action plan for the year.
  • Mrs Taylor is going to meet with the eco council regularly to help us to implement our ideas across school.
  • We will be holding regularly assemblies and action days to raise awareness of the issues we are focussing on.
  • We are planning a number of litter picks in our local area.